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  • Revo has revolutionized the way mortgage professional teams collaborate and work with their mortgage deals from start to finish using the Revo Mortgage Collaboration System dashboard
  • Revo is designed by mortgage professionals for mortgage professionals practicing anywhere in the world
  • Revo could be used by an individual mortgage broker or a team of brokers working collaboratively sharing administrative assistant(s)
  • Revo will help you close more sales with powerful and timely customer touchpoints at every step in the sales and application process with auto CRM
  • Customizable dashboard means Revo is suitable for any mortgage process and workflow environment
  • Its more than simple online storage of your documents. Revo gives you the ability to interact, coordinate, and collaborate your deal progress and workflow, internal and external communications, conditions and documents management with others on your team

Revo is designed by Philip Slen with research and development lead by Rod Frans specifically for mortgage professionals.
Philip Slen, CEO
Philip Slen is an experienced mortgage professional having worked at two major Canadian banks as a mortgage specialist, and has been a mortgage broker running his own brokerage, and is still licensed as a mortgage associate in Alberta. Philip has earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta and an Information Technology Professional certificate from SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology).
With over 2 decades experience in the software industry, Rod Frans has held technical and management roles in several sectors including government, finance and telecoms. Rod is responsible for product creation while managing technical risks and opportunities. Prior to joining Revodoc, Rod was most recently with Adobe. Rod earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta, Certificate in Information Systems from Athabasca University and diploma in Computer System Technology from NAIT(Northern Alberta Institute of Technology).
Rod Frans, CTO

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Lou Salvino,
VERICO The Financial Forum

REVO. What is it? A deal tracking, document management system for mortgage brokers and agents. This is a real time saver and organizational tool. Knowing where your deal is at throughout the cycle, who is doing what, creating templates with a simple click and having all documents at your disposal is invaluable to any broker or agent. Philip and staff are amazing to work with. Why? They listen and understand our needs and are constantly improving the system. I highly recommend this system and suggest you give it a try.

Anthony Stennett,
Matrix Mortgage Global

Over the last few years I have searched and tested many deal processing CRM systems and Revo Mortgage Collaboration System (Revo). Revo is the leading customer relationship management tool that ensures your mortgage brokerage stays on top of daily communication and productivity. Mortgage professionals need an automated solutions for collecting, distributing and managing leads, referrals and client retention. Revo has revolutionized the way we managed our mortgage workflow with industry-specific features.

Revo's web-based CRM system provides my team with tools for increasing collaboration, client interactions, manage productivity and close more deals. The system is very user friendly that sets up new prospects fast with pre-configured and customize condition checklist, user progress steps, sales tracking reports, lender's product, rates, and contact information. I was especially impressed with their document management system which is more than just a document storage.

I strongly recommend this system to any individual or brokerage that wants stay on top of their most important customer relationships. Time is money and Revo Mortgage Collaboration System has given me my time back to focus on what I do best. Try their system for a 30 day FREE Trial and see for yourself.

Graham Reimer, AMP,
Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Excellence

Revodoc has helped increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of my mortgage business. I can now track a deal from start to finish in one spot. Normally I have 2-4 spreadsheets open at any given time trying to track all the informtaion in a homemade excel database. This is exactly what I was looking for: a one stop shop for client management. I have two assistants, and it has been working excellent between the 3 of us. We are able to see each others updates and notes as the file progresses its way to completion. The collaboration between multiple users is key, because it allows all of us as a team to be in the loop on all our clients.

Look forward to using Revo to help grow my business more and more every year.

Cindy Tong, Calgary, AB, Canada

When I was brokering I often wished I had a way to make my business more efficient in terms of organizing documents and files, tracking sales and pipeline and communicating with clients and lenders. Different brokerages and lenders had varying solutions of addressing these challenges but there was never one solution that could do it all. And when I came back to banking, I still found myself with these challenges. When Philip first approached me and told me what he and Revodoc was developing, I thought this was a great idea but could it be done? Would his software address all my challenges?

I have been using the software now for a couple of months and have found the software does address my challenges and though I only deal with one lender now, I can actually track my sales and pipeline much easier now. And we all know that the pipeline is the life line of our business. I like the fact that I can set reminders which are then emailed to me so that I do not forget anything during the process of completing my files, which can be quite helpful when dealing with different dates and requests from a number of ongoing files. The support has been amazing, Philip is always there to answer my questions and walk me through the software. I am looking forward to fully implementing this system to my 2014 business plan and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to maximize the potential of their business.